A downloadable Real-Teq for Windows


This is Ryz from TeamSpotter and i'm glad you found your way to our game Spotted, where you play as a shadow to finally get rid of... oh wait the story is explained in-game! It was made for TairaGames GameJam and thus made in 3 days. Inspired by Aragami it contains lots of darkness so you can nicely hide.

Have Fun!

Hi there!

This is that sexy piggy you were seeing in the discord chat! Thank you all for downloading our game "Spotted". I hope that all of you will like it! 

Have Fun!

~That One Sexy Piggy (TheSecretPig)

Install instructions


  1. Download the installer
  2. Open the installer
  3.  Follow the instructions in the installer

Zip File:

  1. Open the provided zip file
  2. Extract the folder and exe file to any folder
  3. Make a shortcut to your games folder or desktop (optional)


Spotted Zip 47 MB
Spotted Installer 36 MB

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